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A premiere Vancouver Acting Studio specializing in Professional Film & Television Acting for Kids, Teens & Young Adults.
Creative Director & Lead Coach Beatrice King
At King Creative Studios, we provide our young actors with creative and unique tools, cultivating their imagination, play & confidence. Our actors gain an edge in their work with our individualized & tailored approach!
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Tools not rules.

As a highly sought after Actor & On Set Coach, Beatrice King brings an abundance of expertise when curating curriculum for her Young Actors, while emphasizing confidence, truth, range and emotional connection.
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Our Professional Screen Acting Programs are designed for new & returning young actors to hone their craft and take significant steps in Film & Television.
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Youth Classes

Kids 7-12 Yrs

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Young Adults 15-21 Yrs

Acting Classes for Kids, Teens & Young Adults - King Creative Studios
Vancouver Acting Coach for Kids, Teens & Young Adults - King Creative Studios
Vancouver Acting Classes for Kids, Teens & Young Adults - King Creative Studios

Great coaching. Great performances.

Whether you're auditioning or you've booked the role, we enable you to thrive on-set or help you get there.
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King Creative Studios - Vancouver Acting Coach for Kids, Teens & Young Adults
King Creative Studios - Vancouver Acting Coach for Kids, Teens & Young Adults
Momona Tamada
Momona Tamada

"Working with Beatrice has brought nothing but true joy, discovery, and growth. The lessons taught in her class aren't only ones we use in our craft, but also in real life. I can't wait for more!"

Momona Tamada - Secret Headquarters, Babysitters Club

Eden Summer Gilmore
Eden Summer Gilmore

"I am so grateful to Beatrice King for being such a huge part of my growth, not only as an actor, but also as a human being. Beatrice has a way of teaching that makes you fall in love with learning the craft, class after class."

Eden Summer Gilmore - Global's Family Law, CW's Nancy Drew

Melissa Panton
Melissa Panton

"Beatrice's knowledge of the fundamentals of acting, combined with insight of the community that she is actively engaged in as an actor and producer, has helped propel our actors to great success in principal, recurring and series regular roles. She is a dedicated, supportive and inspiring coach."

Melissa Panton - Agency Director, da Costa Talent Management- Vancouver

Kyra Leroux
Kyra Leroux

"Beatrice’s wholistic approach to coaching has changed my life, and has helped me grow into the actor and person I am today. I feel supported and understood, leaving each week filled with a sense of creativity, inspiration, and a fresh perspective. Thanks to her, my scenes are more dynamic, my character exploration deeper, my auditions are more specific, and I allow myself to have more fun!"

Kyra Leroux - CW's Riverdale, Apple TV's Schmigadoon!, Netflix's Firefly Lane

Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell

"Shortly after taking Beatrice’s class, I started to book roles and jump start my acting career in such a positive way. I would highly recommend taking her class to anyone! It is such an open, fun, insightful, and energetic space that is full of exciting opportunities."

Taylor Russell - Netflix's Lost in Space, Bones and All

Serena Crouse
Serena Crouse

"I have gained confidence in myself and in the art of acting. My growth is beyond what it would have been without her. I thank you, Beatrice, for creating a safe and warm environment while inspiring my heart every session."

Serea Crouse - CW's Riverdale, One of Us is Lying

Rhys Matthew Bond
Rhys Matthew Bond

"Beatrice always made me feel that she believed in me. I have learned a lot about how to think outside the box as an actor. Beatrice helped me see better the possibilities of a character that I would not otherwise see."

Rhys Matthew Bond - Hallmark's The Good Witch, One of Us is Lying

Shakil Jessa
Shakil Jessa

"Beatrice's curriculum balances audition technique and mindfulness, and she really takes the time to focus in on each actor and work with them directly. She has been an instrumental part of my success both in and out of the classroom."

Shakil Jessa - CW's Riverdale

Summer Gillespie
Summer Gillespie

"Coaching with Beatrice has been beyond amazing! Thanks to her, walking into my first day on set felt completely worry free. She helped me build the witty, brassy, and fun character that I’ve had the privilege of playing for the past 4 months. She’s the best!!"

Summer Gillespie - Polly in Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Paramount +

Cassandra Frederickson
Vera Frederickson

"Vera finally had the pleasure of learning and creating with like minded artists, all working on bettering their craft together. Vera enjoyed preparing scenes and bringing them to class. Thank you Beatrice!"

Cassandra Frederickson - Mother of Vera Frederickson, CW's The 100

Renee Lucky
Dominique Lucky Martell

"We are incredibly proud to witness Dominique’s professionalism and skills when preparing and performing on set with seasoned casts and crews. Thank you for providing Dominique with the ultimate tools for success in the industry!!"

Renee Lucky - Mother of Dominique Lucky Martell, CW's Supergirl

Quinn Bennett
Quinn Bennett

"I really enjoy coaching sessions with Carmela. I like how she takes her time with me, and really makes me think about who the character is."

Quinn Bennett, Young Chris, HBO Max, Recurring, Peacemaker

Quinn Bennett
Abby Hoffman

"Working with Carmela has opened my eyes to the potential I hold within myself as an actor. The space she provides is both welcoming, and challenging and I feel like I am able to fully express myself while growing my skills and gaining new technique."

Abby Hoffman, Young Adult Company Class

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